Free Vs Paid Internet Security Software: What Best For Your New Device

If you are interested to protect your system from malicious software, installing antivirus program is necessary. Whether it is spyware, malware, virus, ransomware or root kit infections, it is no pleasure to work on a diseased machine. Previously, the viruses that attacked systems were not advanced but the latest attacks are more complicated and once your system is infected, you can lose confidential information and the system might just not want to start operations.

Often the programs in the machine become extremely slow. If your system has encountered any of these problems lately, chances are that it is infected with virus. The immediate thing that come your mind when it comes to antivirus program installation is to move ahead with the free versions that are available on the internet. The question is whether the free programs are reliable or not.

Free and paid features While the features of the paid antivirus software are more defined, the free versions comprise the basic features only. There are different versions of software that are available. While the highest version provides you an array of features such as protection from identity theft, tools for enhancing the performance of the system along with parental control, the basic free version will not even offer that which comes with the medium paid option of antivirus program. For better protection of the system, installing the paid version of software is the option you must choose. A paid version such as Norton Antivirus setup has proved beneficial for protection of computer systems.

Comprehensive security measures

Instead of straddling with free antivirus programs, you must opt for paid versions due to comprehensive security measures that are included in the software package. Moreover, the prices of paid versions are not too high rather they are within the reach of people. To be in the safer side, the kind of security threats that you hear about during the recent times, the paid version is capable for protecting your system. With the availability of Norton setuwhich is a paid version of software for detecting viruses and other malicious software, you can work on your system freely without nay impediments.

No technical support

One of the major reasons for which you must avoid going with the free versions of antivirus is lack of proper technical support. While the paid versions allow you talk to the customer service if you face trouble, the users of the free versions are left to protect themselves when they encounter trouble.

Comparing the options

Even though the user interface of a free version of antivirus is almost similar to the paid version and they can detect threats equally well when compared with the paid options, the latter performs a better job on the whole. However, features of the software package and customer support are the two aspects on which a majority of customers depend. Try to use both the versions and find out how convenient it is when both the versions are used on the system. Make the choice based on the requirements of your machine. Make sure that you have some kind of protection for preventing the digital threats.

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